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     WHY BEER?
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"Because it is often on one's mind near the end of a good work-out." 

And beer is good for the heart, according to research published in the European Journal of Epidemiology, beer protects against diabetes and certain types of cancer. 


 "200,000 Heineken's are opened every minute of everyday"
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Written By Sean Carroll
Published Recently By Dutton
Available in Bookstores 

Sean Carroll the author does a much better job of explaining things so please get his book for the full story which is a fascinating read.

Scientists have used tools microscopes and telescopes for example to find things too small for the human eye to detect naturally for quite some time. In turn we've made many important discoveries. None are more important than a recent discovery of the Higgs boson Particle.

Summary of The Historical Search For The Elements That Make Up The Universe

Antiquity to Middle Ages (13 elements): unrecorded discoveries up into the Middle Ages
Middle Ages – 1800 (21 elements): discoveries during the age of enlightenment
1800–1849 (24 elements): scientific and industrial revolutions
1850–1899 (26 elements): the age of classifying elements; application of spectrum analysis techniques: Boisbaudran, Bunsen, Crookes, Kirchhoff, and others "hunting emission line signatures"
1900–1949 (13 elements): development of old quantum theory and quantum mechanics
1950–1999 (16 elements): post Manhattan project; synthesis of atomic numbers 98 and above (colliders, bombardment techniques)
  Since 2000 (5 elements): recent synthesis

Now we all remember in High School sitting in Chemistry class staring at the chart on the wall, the Periodic Table. Scientists find things and we memorize them in school and they become our frame of reference to understanding our world and how the Universe works. 

When we discovered how to split the Atom we made significant strides in our understanding of matter. That's all changed. 

Now that we've discovered the "Higgs boson Particle" we must re-think this all over again with a completely different frame of reference. Consider that instead of all those elements it really boils down to only 3 (up quarks, down quarks, and electrons). Cool so now I just memorize three elements instead of a 100 or so.

Not exactly that is the easy part to grasp. Consider the atom as you know it and now prepare yourself for a mind - bending in my case mind - breaking discovery. 

I had the good fortune of living in Mexico for many years when I was young and I typically read a book a day which was expected of me by my father. Now imagine my surprise when I cracked this book open recently and 3 weeks later I was on page 46 (out of 320) re-reading over and over again to get through page 47 and 48. Apparently it takes time for things to sink in due to the fact of changing how we once understood things to be. It's also physics so it is complicated.

The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone thinking won't get the job done, that dog won't hunt. The type of thinking required to grasp the significance of the discovery of the Higgs boson Particle is more multi-dimensional, keeping several plates spinning in your mind all in the same moment. 

Now if I haven't scared you off into something more immediately gratifying like today's celebrity gossip, fasten your seat belt. 

It is all about mass, why the table is solid, why fabric feels as it does, metal, glass, air, water, plastic and our living bodies are all different. Or are they? Each seems really different but in fact they are not; they are simply different arrangements of the same small number of building blocks. We call these elementary particles.

So 6,000 scientists and researchers from around the world working for a decade with $9 billion yes billion with a B to burn built the biggest machine (the collider) on the planet to date and searched for the fundamental particle of nature. And they found out a few things that are mind bending to say the least.

But then they discovered the "Higgs bosn" named after Scottish physicist Peter Higgs. This particle is unique, in a category all it's own. It's what it does that has got scientists buzzing. After years and years of testing the scientific results are in and they are beyond a scientists wildest dreams. The data isn't just consistent or close; it is identical, yes a perfect match.

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I've got bumps, dents  rust and scratches in my finish and my paint job is getting a little dull ... but that's not the worst of it!

76 Year Old Hooper Donald Wiberg Failed To Make The Santa Cruz Warriors, The Minor League Team For The NBA Golden State Warriors. Donald Showed No Signs Of Regret. Congrats Don!

" I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying."

Michael Jordan
on the pursuit of excellence



Less Than 2 Out Of 10,000 People Will Reach The Age of 100 or Older!

There Are Just 330 Supercentarians, Ages 110 And Older!
Source U.S. Census


The oldest female to compete
in the history of the Olympics was Lorna Johnstone (Great Britain), who at the age of 70 years competed in equestrianism at the 1972 Olympic Games.

The oldest male to compete in the history of the Olympics was Oscar Swahn (Sweden), who at the age of 72 years competed in shooting at the 1920 Olympic Games.

John Whittemore after throwing the shot put at age 104 in the Santa Barbara Easter Relays, at Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, California

John Whittemore (November 20, 1899 – April 13, 2005) of Montecito,
California, has been credited as being the "world's oldest athlete".[1] A long time Masters Track athlete,[2] his last competition was on October 5, 2004, just six weeks before his 105th birthday.[3] He threw the javelin and discus on that occasion.

The oldest female to compete in the Winter Olympics was Anne Abernathy (United States Virgin Islands) who was 52 when she competed in the Luge at the 2006 Olympics.

The oldest male to compete in the Winter Olympics was Carl August Kronlund (Sweden) who was 58 when he competed in curling at the 1924 Games. His 2nd place finish also gives him the record of oldest male Winter Olympic medalist. Robin Welsh (Great Britain) was 54 when he broke the record for oldest male Winter Olympic gold medalist at the 1924 Olympics in curling.

* Results were obtained through


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         Can You Stack?

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Check this link out, can you match this kind of speed?

Oceanside Boys and Girls Club's staff member, Wayne Godinet, invented the sport in 1980. On a rainy afternoon Wayne devised the game as a little diversion to get the youngsters' up and moving indoors and inject some fun into the after school program. The tremendous growth of this sport is a tribute to the ingenuity of Wayne Godinet.

So what does the game hold for an Aging – Athlete? Hand eye coordination, focus, dexterity and to lesser extent improved balance. The secrete lies in using both hands simultaneously. The degree of versatility with each hand is generally the qualitative factor in determining a person's ambidexterity. Improved ambidexterity is a great way for Aging – Athletes to keep their edge. Plus it is fun, almost addicting. Leveling the playing field Cupstacking provides excellent competition, a necessary component of every Aging – Athletes diet.

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- Balance is key for 40+ athletes because it impacts so many athletic endeavors. It also enhances one’s rhythm which helps one to better get into the flow of life. Finally it helps prevent falling the number one enemy of the 40+ athlete.

Exercise - Exercise resulting in physical conditioning (staying in shape) is “core” for the 40+ athlete. Good decisions regarding types and durations of exercise are often times the difference between failure and success.

Energy - Energy is central to a 40+ athletes because one needs to stay active daily. As one gets older energy seems to be in shorter supply and one benefits from healthy ways of increasing it.

Rest - Rest and rehabilitation (making comebacks) are often times the least understood and underestimated factors in the longevity of the 40+ athlete.

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